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It was once said that with every generation there is a voice that speaks on behalf of the poor & oppressed people of that generation and this voice is an Old Ghost. Ghost for years has been organizing charity work and fund raisers, speaking at after school programs, High schools, Colleges, helping to establishing art galleries and poerty lounges, performing and throwing concerts with the likes of Nas, Dead Prez, Zion I, Prince Po, Little Brother, Swollen Members, Black Sheep, Old Dominion, Living Legends, L.A. Symphony, Glory for the People, PSFU, Live Manikins, and many more to Co-founding a Sac based Indy Label & Super Artist Collective, The People's Revolution with Mahtie Bush & Tribe of Levi, Century Got Bars, Nome Nomadd, Blaze, Styles 1001, B-Boy Matt Cash & Red One, Shaun Burner, Agustus ThElephant and Justluv The Illest. Old Ghost is now futhering his work with TPR and branched out to teach early education to children of low-income families at his self-started preschool in South San Francisco called Kiddie Hop while working on his follow up to his last self produced LP "This Is Forever" called " "America's Forgotten" which is a 17 track, self produced musical journey that will be released February 2013 off TPRrecords.


Transformational – Artist: Old Ghost

Title : Transformational

Title:  Transformational Artist:  Old Ghost Album:  America’s Forgotten Description:  “Transformational” from America’s Forgotten by Old Ghost. Duration 2:32


Electric Graffiti/Tonight – Artist: Old Ghost

Title : Electric Graffiti/Tonight

Title:  Electric Graffiti/Tonight Artist:  Old Ghost Album:  America’s Forgotten Description: “Electric Graffiti/Tonight” from America’s Forgotten by Old Ghost. Released: 2013. Duration 3:51

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