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Zhejiang Onuo machinery co. LTD
Add:Zhenglou Development Zone, Wanquan Town,Pingyang County ,Wenzhou city,Zhejiang Province, China.

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    Zhejiang onuo machinery co., ltd. is a professional production of automatic paper bag machine, non-woven equipment, non-woven bag machine, non-woven printing machine, ironing machine and crosscutting machine and other supporting equipment manufacturers.Since the establishment of the company, with the market as a guide, relying on science and technology, vigorously develop new products.Our factory has design and production of engineering and technical personnel, at present, has successfully developed the non-woven fabric bag machine and supporting machinery.This machine has the production craft is ripe, the automation degree is high, saves energy several big characteristics, and with its excellent product quality, the fine enterprise prestige, sells many provinces and municipalities autonomous region.By the user's trust and praise.

   The company has a strong precision parts production capacity.We are equipped with the United States/Taiwan four axis linkage longmen processing center, four axis linkage CNC, three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument, dynamic balance instrument and other advanced processing equipment and testing equipment, for our parts supply and quality management to provide a strong guarantee.

    After years of efforts, the company has developed into a comprehensive, scientific and technological production enterprises.There are a group of high-tech personnel and management personnel and a complete operating system.

      Since its establishment, the company has gradually won the support and trust of the majority of customers based on the principle of "exchanging quality for customers' trust" and "continuously improving and meeting customers' needs".Changing the traditional production model, in order to build a good brand, we always adhere to continuous innovation and practice, draw on the valuable advice provided by customers, continue to research and develop excellent, energy-saving new products.The combination of advanced technology is robust, superior, long-term adhere to the customer's actual needs as the center of the design concept, the actual effect and stability, the design is day by day perfect.The parts are combined, the steps are neat and uniform, the working procedure is tight, the team is built with the profession, the team is improved with the technical ability, the team is standardized with the service standard, and the team is motivated with the customer's recognition and requirements.

Our aim: to the best products, to the price, to the best service - based machinery enterprises.Our factory strictly follow the purpose of the enterprise, with sincerity as the foundation, warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, mutual benefit, and seek common development.