Is That So Wrong – Artist: KRH Systems

Title : Is That So Wrong

Title: Is That So Wrong
Artist: KRH Systems
Album: All Systems Go
Description: “Is That So Wrong” from All Systems Go by KRH Systems. Released: 2006. Track 1 of 1. Genre: Power Ballad.
Duration 4:42

About KRH Systems

Here's a little about me. I am 51 have written well over 400 songs (and hundreds of licks, chops, concepts etc.) in the rock / Light metal genre. I have a great knack for hook and have been honing my writing skills forever. I've had several bands and played live (years ago) and have significant studio experience. I have a decent home studio in which I write and try to record but lack a real drum track. A drum machine and Drums on Demand Software just don't give me the sound and feel I hear in my head so I keep looking for a drummer via Craig's but haven't found anything solid thus far. I am confident that my music is as good or better than the junk on the radio and internet in some regards but I am not sure which songs I should concentrate on to get finished or even where to go once they are. I think an outside ear might be just what I need to help guide me and help decide which of the songs have the most potential as I can't be objective enough. Below is a link to my Myspace page with a couple of my "OLDER SONGS" on it. Please don't judge my writing by these songs alone as they are older and don't reflect my current writing ability as I have grown significantly since then. I have a job and I life too so I'm not under the disillusions of grandeur about fame and fortune but if you hear something that you think has the potential to get heard and maybe even sold I would most definitely be willing to develop a partnership with you and share any money that is made. I don't do drugs, drink lightly though not while playing and mainly play rhythm guitar, bass, drums, sing and have a great ability to write on the fly when needed. If the songs on the page don't do it for you, perhaps we could set up a time you could come by and I could throw out some others that you may find more to your liking. I have a couple of blues songs and specialize in power type ballads which I feel many of are very radio friendly. There is even the option of shopping these songs to A&R firms, other artist and / or movie music producers etc etc. I feel that a few could even be recorded and shopped to country producers. I am not an ego maniac so if we could make money together I wouldn't oppose any ideas you could come up with. Sorry for the lengthy response. Give a listen and let me know if you would be interested in talking or getting together and hearing some more of my stuff. Thanks for your time and consideration, Sincerely, Kev...

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