Long Crazy Night – Artist: Kolor Blind Souljas

Title : Long Crazy Night (Feat. Dragon G and Jaimi D)

Title:  Long Crazy Night (Feat. Dragon G and Jaimi D)
Artist:  Kolor Blind Souljas
Album: KBS
Description:  “Long Crazy Night (Feat. Dragon G and Jaimi D)” from KBS by Kolor Blind Souljas. Released: 2012. Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop.
Duration 2:16

About Kolor Blind Souljas

Kolor Blind Souljas was created in 1997 as an underground rap group until it evolved into what it is today. Since obtaining management in 2010 they have done nothing but get noticed. They currently perform at night clubs spread from Sacramento to L.A. As well as hosting and promoting their own shows. Pain and Spike Woods have shared stages with names such as Luckyiam, Joell Ortiz, The Wolfpack and Celly Cell. Even MMA fighter, Quitiquit, uses the song Central Valley Souljas by KBS as his entrance song. Also the clothing company Cali Sav is a sponsor of KBS. KBS is currently working on an album and solid show mix to take on the road and expand their fan base. KBS has released 5 albums and compilations since 2001. And also produced a 209 mixed tape featuring such artists as First Degree the D.E, Purp Reynolds and more. KBS is on it’s way to making a name for themselves with their sights set high to the future.

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