You’ll Love Me Eventually – Artist: Momo

Title : You'll Love Me Eventually

Title:  You’ll Love Me Eventually
Artist:  Momo Jones
Album:  The Strings EP
Description:  “You’ll Love Me Eventually” from The Strings EP by momo. Released: 2012. Track 1 of 6.
Duration 2:55

About Momo Jones

Momo Jones is a 21 year old musician who has been performing off and on around midtown Sacramento for the odds of about two years. She's played at Sol Collective multiple times, but started out a Pangaea Two Brews Cafe. Her roots lie in acoustic guitar and singing but since then she has branched out into keyboard as well. There was a brief time when she was involved with a band, they split and it shortly became a duo including her and the drummer, "Luna Jones" was their name. Together they performed many times at Sol Collective but shortly after they had to part ways. Last year she took a brief hiatus to focus on school and cure her writer's block---and now she's back! Look out for more new original songs either at her youtube or soundcloud!

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